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Hi Gimp,

I went through a similar experience Oct. 2004. Thought I was lucky and was dx early with lyme. I can't tell you how many tests after abx. came back negative. Knowing that I was still experiencing symptoms (and feeling like a hypochondriac), I found another LLMD. My first test was negative, but the second was sent to igenex and came back positive. I've also had about 6 tests prior to that, which were all negative. I mean not even one IGG or IGM was positive. Because of the stubborness of the infection and past history, we also feel I've been infected for at least 10 years.

One doc. suspected lyme in 2000 and gave me the Elisa. It showed something, but not considered positive. Ironically, when my lyme test in Oct. 2004 showed positive, it also showed the parvo virus B-19 postive, but not active. Can one set the other off? I don't. My doc. seemed to suggest that, but the lyme was active and parvo was not at the time of the bloodwork. Her suggestion was that the parvo set the lyme in motion. But that doesn't make sense, unless she thought I had a chronic lyme infection already.

Sorry to say just when you think you understand lyme, you find out something new or something that there are still no answers for.

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