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I just got back from the Drs.... no UTI, mild yeast infection, but all my bladder symtpions and everything must of been a Herx!!!! Wow!!! Today I feel better, still achy, but not as bad as yesterday!

I am so confused!

here is my problem and it didn't dawn on me until today maybe I am herxing!!!!

I had a UTI from the cathedar I had from my heart surgery about a month ago. I did 2 weeks of augmentin (I started on levaquin, then cipro, which I was allergic to then the culture showed to use augmentin), so now 3 weeks later I had 3 different ABX for a bladder infection (and also I am on Doxy 400mg a day for lyme) then my bladder infection came back.

I know it came back cause I had a positive nitrate urin test strips here and it shows I have nitrate..... I called my uro gyno wednesday and got an appointment to go in on Friday, in the mean time they give me levaquin... I told them about my cutlure and they said take levaquin.... I go to my appointment on friday (after 3 doses of levaquin) only to have it cancelled. I instsied that I woud not leave until they at least took a culture so I would know on Tuesday what I am dealing with.

I was able to go to the hospital to do the culture.... meanwhile its now been the weekend..... I took my last dose of levaquin (4 days total) and on Saturday I started to feel like I was having a vaginal yeast infection. So I took a diflucan. It didn't seem to go away so I used a 1 day cream treatment. The itchyness went away but the ureathra pain was still there. So now its sunday.... no more ABX for the UTI, I still show a + nitrate on the dip stick.... I have frequency but also the added ureathra pain.... I started to think, hey maybe I have the vaginal bacterial infection.... I find that I have some metrogel from the last time I had this about a year ago and self treat my self.

So now its monday.... same symptions, still nitrate in my urine.... so I have some augmentin 1000XR tablets so I am now taking that as its the same ABX for my last + culture from my orginal infection said to take it....

BUT could i be hrexing from all these added abx? Doxy, with levaquin..... then augmentin?

My symptions are:
Back pain, lower back and middle back (flank pain maybe from uti?)
Achy body
low grade fever 100
bladder pain/ frequency
ureathra pain

Thank goodness its almost tuesday and my Drs will be in tomorrow.... I don't dare go to the ER over this as they won't do anything other than what I am already doing. Sucky thing is my appointment isn;t until Wednesday at 8am... but you better believe they are going to see me tomorrow!

Argh! Happy new years to me!

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