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Re: Hi everyone
Jan 3, 2006
6Blues, I'm sorry to hear that your treatment is not helping you feel better even after a year. That's kinda scary to hear as I have just started my antibiotic treatment (1 month into it now).

My question to you is, would it be possible that the antibiotic you're taking is not working against the Lyme bacteria in your body? I heard from my doctor that antibiotics usually stop to work after 6 weeks, at which time you'll have to switch to another kind.

I'm very fortunate to have a LLMD who uses an electrodermal machine, which could find out which antibiotic would work in my body against the Lyme bacteria even before I take any. He then only prescribes the ones in the list that works for me as indicated by the machine. So far, I had a major herx reaction after 2 weeks of Ketek. I will see him again next week and will start on IV clindamycin for the next 4 weeks, but he'll test me on the machine again just in case.

I hope you'll find a way to get well. I have yet to feel better but since I'm less than a month into the treatment, I can't expect much I guess.

Take care and I'll see you around. ;)

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