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I was diagnosed after a pos titer in 1987. My husband & I had just returned on Canada from a Hunting trip during black fly season. I do not think mine was a tick. I was 37.

I had a rash with lymph node involvement and big red spots on my neck where the black flies had bitten. My fam dr placed me on meds for lyme but I was taken off med that weekend because the ER Dr thought I was reacting to meds. (I got worse and the rash spread) I now know that was not the case, it was a herx). Several weeks later in hospital with cardiac problems related to lyme. I was treated then for 10 days. It was several weeks later that the test came back positive. That is the only pos lyme I have had. All others come back neg.

From FM 1993 to possible MS 2002 and cervical surgery twice in between, it has been an ongoing battle. Not ever sure. I would ask my RM how I could have FM over just one side mainly arm and face, he would say thats possible. But, you know yourself, they are missing something.

I have alot of neuro problems that have gotten worse since I began treatment. Feet numb, memory, expanding foam in my head feeling, vision, face pins & needles that goes into arm. so much more....

I started seeing a LLMD this summer. Found Lyme still present (surprise) Babesia, Mycoplasma. I won't say I am better, but I am only into 8 wks of IV treatment. (Had a few setbacks along the way) I Will get better..........

My Lord has carried me through 18 yrs, I know he will see me through the treatment.
Footprints in the sand was made for me. Prayers............Marsha

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