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I'm sorry to hear what you've been through fotomom. I hope you and your family will get better as time goes.

I got my Lyme in 2000 when I went for a camping trip here in Canada. I had a rash (not bullseye though) after the trip on top of my foot and it was spreading up to my lower leg. It was scary. MD prescribed some antifungal drugs and I took it for 10 days. The rash went away and I thought I was good.

I was 22 then. My concentration and focus started to go a few months afterwards. I was fatigued all the time; had to yawn through out the day to catch enough oxygen for my body. I knew something's wrong but didn't know what. Lyme disease is not very well known here in Canada.

The brain fog and shortness of breath really set in 2 years ago when I started working. I went to numerous doctors and everybody told me I'm fine, as supported by various test results. It was not until the beginning of last year when somebody brought to my attention something called Lyme disease, and that's when I actively went after my doctors for a test.

ELISA test came back negative, but one of my doctors heard of a new DNA test here they have in downtown Toronto, so I went for it and sure enough, it came back positive.

So it took me 5 full years to find out exact what was making me sick. I think the general public and the medical community should be educated on this terrible disease, which is the 2nd fastest spreading infectious disease after AIDS/HIV. :(

My treatment started 1 month ago and so far I haven't felt any better. I hope this would change, however.

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