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Hi kid dynomite,

Hello and welcome, you have come to a great site with wonderful people. From your symptoms, I would say you most definitely have Lyme. The good news is that it is curable.

I am also a New Yorker and from my own personal experience, New York has the worse labs for testing Lyme Disease in the U.S, interesting because New York has one of the highest rates of Lyme Disease. My blood kept going to New York Labs for 5 years, always negative. Those labs were Quest and Labcorp.

Finally, I met a doctor who sent my blood to IgeneX Labs located in Palo Alto, California and I finally tested positive for 2 forms of Lyme (Lyme itself and one of it's coinfections called Ehrlichiosis).

The reason why IgeneX is the most accurate lab in the U.S. is because they use 100% pure lyme antigens compared to Quest and Labcorp who do not use 100% lyme antigens (they skimp to save money). I was told this (off the record) by a reputable Lyme Doctor.

Please don't waste any more time and get your blood sent to IgeneX Labs who has their own website. We are not allowed to post websites here. That's all I can say about that.

I pray that you take the right steps so you can get on a treatment protocol soon. After almost 10 years of having Lyme, I am finally getting better and getting my life back. I have met people who have been cured, so there is hope!

Good luck to you and please keep us posted,
All I would like to know is what do life insurance companies know that we don't. I can't increase my life insurance. Lyme is on their list of medical conditions you have to disclose to them. They said I can't increase my coverage because of my recent positive result. That scares me a little. And what if our medical insurance ever changes? Am I not going to have coverage because of a pre-existing condition?

Why do they waste money on an Elisa test? I knew nothing about lyme disease or testing back in 2000 when my dr. gave me a test. She said it was routine, but I think because I mentioned my 5 years of aching hips and shoulders she decided to test. I was surprised it was negative and thought I would find an answer to all the pain and every other ailment I had. I was always active and healthy, so something had to be causing this.

My theory is that they do a routine test to get you to drop the issue and just live with the pain and other symptoms. I'm not blaming drs. They get scrutinized for so much these days, which makes you wonder if you are getting proper medical attention.

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