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I chased symptoms like yours for 2 years.Had a tick bite with rash,took doxy for 4 days until my doctor called and said I was negative for lyme and probably was having an allergic reaction to the bite! I stopped the Doxy after 4 days!I was so wrong! A year later i had the muscle cramps,brain fog memory loss and most notibly the twitching.My doctor tells me (the lyme specialist that is,I fired all other doctors),that the muscle and jiont pain is not inflamation but actually nerve pain,thats why antiinflammatories don't work.Lyme loves the nervouse system and thats where I'm mostly affected.It's crucial you find a real LLMD like Dr. Burrescano in new york.I even treated myself with doxy for 3 months through the vet while trying to convince someone that this was Lyme.The lyme support group in my area told me that vets understand this disease better than most doctors.They treat a dog for lyme for 6 months but a human 3 weeks?I got remarkably better on the doxy even only taking 100mg 2x dailey.I know,everyone here says it's inadequate,and it probably didn't eradicate it completly,but my pulsating eye twitch went away after 4 weeks as well as my neck,shoulder and knee pain.My son now takes that dose dailey for acne,so why are these doctors reluctant for everyone to be on this longterm???I'm sure he'll be taking it through his teenage years,and it has helped tremendously.
One other point I'd like to make,do you use artificial sweeteners?diet soda,mints,or gum?If so stop immediatly,I read an article about how aspartame can reactivate lyme,and felt alot better after discontinuing it's use.
Good luck in your search,I felt a lot better after finding this site with people going through the same thing.: :wave: http:[url][/url]
Thanks everyone for all the advice. I will be looking for a LLMD. I sent an email to one of the lyme disease sites mentioned in this board to get a reference. Ticker, if you or anyone knows of a LLMD in the Albany area please let me know. I've been trying to find a good doctor and like you all know it is not easy.

Allow me to rant...

I had to fight with my GP to get him to even test me for Lyme. When my test came back negative, I mentioned that the tests are not reliable and could not be used to rule in or out lyme disease. I was hoping he would listen to my symptoms but instead he cut me off and asked me what I thought the chance of getting a false negative was. I said, "I don't know, what is the chance?" He said it was very rare and asked if I had a lot of stress or if I was depressed. He tested my rheumatoid factor. This came back slightly elevated so he told me over the phone I had rheumatoid arthritis. He said take Ibuprofen.

I tried to get him to refer me to someone who could follow up on this better thinking I would be better off with an infectious disease specialist. His office seemed to be avoiding my request. I tried to get an appointment myself and no one would take me without a referral. My insurance does not require a referral to see a specialist. After several days and calls my doctor's office told me they had set up an appointment for me with a Rheumatologist (not what I requested) for the next day. "Didn't so and so tell you?" At least it was something. So I went.

At first the rheumatologist seemed alright. He didn't automatically rule out lyme. He confirmed that I could not be diagnosed with RA with just an elevated RF. He did x-rays, more blood (LabCorp) work including testing me for lyme. Everything came back negative. When I asked him about pursuing lyme further he said it was not likely because people with lyme generally have joint pain in only one or two major joints like the knee. He left it that I should see him in six months unless I had a flare up before then. I did have a flare up. I went back. He looked at me like I was crazy, like a dog looks at a human when they don't understand. The same look my GP gave me. He signed me up for a bone scan. I'll be doing that tomorrow.

I can't stand doctors. At least not the ones I have been to so far.

Thanks again for the support. It helps when dealing with the arrogance.

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