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well guys, i went to primary this morning. blood pressure was still high, 151 over 120 and it's been that way for weeks, so i'm now on diovan plus the 1/2 of the nadolol. he took away all other meds, vitamins, everything except calcium and said i'm to monitor blood pressure every day and write it down for 30 days. he said once the levels go over 100 you can certainly get dizziness, ringing in the ears, and even nausea. yep that's me.

so fast forward to 1:00 with dr. m. he's not happy with me. he said he would not treat lyme with blood pressure that high--lyme meds don't agree with high blood pressure apparently or something. so dr. m said i'm not going to see you for 30 days until you get that blood pressure under control. he's very worried that my ammonia level was still 118 but could not draw blood as i'm dehydrated even tho i've been drinking tons of water.

so i'm off all meds except blood pressure.

igenex tested positive at all bands (6 of the most critical) with a double star. way too positive -- he said even cdc would say i was positive for lyme. not active lyme but chronic. i did test negative for bab and ech parasites, he said that was good.

he's concerned about my family history (5 uncles, my father, grandmother, aunt all died of high blood pressure/heart attacks/ strokes). one sister has already had a heart attack and flatlined. he wanted to test because i'm engllish/scot and there is some kind of heritary blood disorder or something about coagulation.

i started to cry. he said he had to repeat several things 4 times cause i just was not understanding -- could be lyme or the high ammonia.

i'm just floored. told husband and he said well at least you know what you've got and can get it treated.

i don't know -- i'm numb, scared half out of my mind, on top of lyme, i can't be treated due to high blood pressure and my liver is out of whack....

i don't know. i guess i need some encouragement. HELP!!!!!
On days when I am stressed, my blood pressure is high. I am on blood pressure meds. Also stress plays a big big part in blood pressure and the lyme bacteria love it. You have to try to calm down. You now have answers which is so important. Is Dr M a LLMD?

Blood clotting disorders run in my family, they suspect I may have had several sm strokes. Also heart problems run in my family. I was sent to heart specialist to make sure my heart could withstand the treatment I would have to have. I had blood clotting test done. My LLMD actually sent me to a cardiolgist. I had to wait for several weeks for all this to be done. Even though I wanted to start lyme treatment so bad, it was best I wait for all the other areas to be tested.

The first week of my treatment, my liver functions became very elavated. I was not detoxing. After reading others on here about milk thistle, I started taking it and my liver functions have been ok since then. Consider the milk thistle.

Do what you need to do starting with the most threating first. Go from there. If you are not seeing a LLMD, my advice is to make the appointment.
I know you are under alot of stress, but try to stay calm.

I may not be saying all I need to, but others will fill in the blanks. and today I have alot of blanks.

Prayers....and you are not alone...... :angel: Marsha
dr. m is an llmd here in fort worth, very well known, in fact, nationally. really good.

You are not alone. We've been there.

Glad you came here and posted your feelings and fears. It is scary to have things wrong with your body.

I also tested positive (I think for the bands that indicate an "old" infection); I also meet the CDC definition. That made me feel better & worse at the same time.

It was my understanding that "sticky" blood can be a symptom of Lyme disease. For about a year my platelets could not be counted because they clumped. On the advice of my LLMD I began to take Bromelain (one of many blood thinning supplements available). After a few months on that, my platelets have unclumped and can be counted!

So far, my BP has stayed low/normal - thank heavens!

However, heart disease is serious stuff that may not be managed with supplements. I am also of english/scottish decent and I am curious to know - what is the heart condition that's hereditary?

Are you seeing an LLMD? I can't recall from your posts - sorry if I forgot.

Try not to worry. You'll be fine.

Peace and health to you,

I know you have considered natural products to go after Lyme. Pearlscale mentioned one, there are others that could be safely added if you feel like doing that would help with the worrying. Worrying about what the Lyme is going to do next is so hard, but not good for blood pressure.

Now that you have a positive will your husband be more supportive? It sounded like it in your post. I hope so....

I am glad you got your test scores back... I am sorry for the wait.


I don't remember you posting before about possible strokes :"( So much for one body to have to handle. Thought you might like to know - tonight is the first night I have stayed home by myself. It seems so silly...but a victory for me none the less.

Jeanne :wave:
Hadn't posted about strokes. Mri show lesions that could possible be mini strokes. (or lyme/babesia/mycoplasma) Spec abnormal. Was told by the first neuroligist that my blood was thick. I take a handful of supplements as I'm sure you do to. If there is some stroke damage, I may not reach the same degree of recovery as I would for lyme.

You ask about the ambiem makeing me crazy and nauseated. Good theory but I have been on ambiem for years. I know its possible the flagyl can cause nausea, but I was on it for 2 wks for the C Diffcile. No nausea then that compares to now. Other symptoms too, all point to Herx. Tomorrow I start my drug free 1 wk holiday. I am soooo looking forward to it.

Got to go, I think my bed might be calling me. :yawn:

Prayers...angel...angel...... Marsha ....... angels all around watching over us.
Hi Earle

I think its brilliant you have your + result back.

The heart and pressure most be a wieght but it seems things are siding in your favour.

Try not to worry to much or in 30 days you might not get the pass.

Obviouse statement i know but can you take time out 3 nights a week.
Nice lavender bath.
then shut in a room. a small green or red bulb in the bed side lamp.
Some hebal tea.

Its hard to get into and shut off but once you start it gets easier to relax straight away.

good luck with it all
Jules xx
Dear Earl,
So sorry for your stress... did Dr. m give you new meds or supplements to help lower bp? New suggestions as to how to lower bp? Are you walking? Maybe that would help... I just feel for you... to get a positive results and be told you have to wait for treatment. I trust his judgement. With your family history, I can see his concern. I can see where a strong herx etc, might be too much stress on your body.
Can you afford massage? If you go to the local schools, you can buy 5 massages for $100. Just a easy, relaxing touch...
thinking of you...cj

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