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I had my LLMD send my results from IGeneX and I thought that only IgM or IgG come up positive. I never had this test, so maybe it's more sensitive?? Anyway both are positive. Any input?

Actually, (guess that's why you need an expert to interpret it) it's positive IgM and negative for IgG. I guess I must've been reinfected or does a flare-up show results like a new infection. I was bitten in August, so that seems a long time to come up with a recent infection. No?

Well here's the IgG result. It says:


The IgM is positive for both results.

My appt. is on the 12th, so I guess I'll see what the next step will be.
Im not great at these test things but im looking at
" everything you need to know about lyme"

IgM seems to read you have a recent infection with Western Blot criteria
(if it read )
IgG means you would of had a longer standing infection.

this is my first reply on a test question so i hope some one comes along soon.

does that fit into your time of infection atall

I wish I could remember where I read that. I felt really great over the summer. I even checked in at this site from time to time just to update and then I go to LI and wake up with a little deer tick on my thigh. It was so tiny (male).

I thought I was overreacting, but 4 days later had two pencil eraser sized circles where I was bitten and the joint pain kicked in. About two months later another red circle appeared at the site of the bite and I still have it. Weird. I don't think the lyme follows text book protocol. Last year, I also know from my symptoms that I had to have active lyme for at least 3 months before I had the flu symptoms. Text book says the flu symptoms occur within a week or two. What scares me is maybe I'm getting more tick bites than I realize.
Hi 6Blues,

I don't know what a strickler panel blood test is. So probably not.

That's been my biggest problem for years-talking. I never knew I had something wrong and have labeled myself a ditz and an air-head. The problem is that now that I know there is a reason (there was a time in my life when I felt like I was sharp) a couple of people have commented-oh, well you have to blame something. So there you go back to you don't want to be around people.

Anyway, I'm heading to work today. Figure it might do me well to get out.

I used to have a pretty darned good immune system and would respond pretty well to abx. Of course we all think were invinceable when we're young. I have to change how I think. Right now I feel like anything can grab me including cancer and heart disease. I wanted to run a marathon this year, but between my neck and heart palpations, I'm afraid it might kill me. I was going to try for March, but that's is too near. I run better in fall anyway, so I'm thinking Novemeber. Unless I have some sort of miraculous recovery (which I do sometimes have a couple days where I think there's not a darned thing wrong with me), I guess the smart choice would be to stick to 5 miles or less. I'm not helping my neck by running, but it will kill me to give up the one thing that I have been doing for almost 30 years.

I don't know about you, but I feel that this illness has caused me to be obsessive about some things. Can lyme cause obssessive compulsive disorder?

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