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i completely understand when you speak of not being able to focus. that's where i am right now. can't respond well to people talk to me - even my kids. i hate it. feel like i'm stuffed in a giant marshmallow.

i had to run to store today 'cuz we're out of milk and bread. couldn't handle walking in grocery store- too many opportunities to walk into wall or fall over. i went to CVS in 3 day old sweatpants and slippers and made kids go in and get things. came home and plopped on couch. feel guilty about that too.

i'm rambling ... my apologies.

i can't remember any tick bite - ever. i can hardly remember when symptoms started anymore. my memory is so bad. i dread that a doctor or someone will ask me an important question.

so many times i've sat down with a pen and paper and tried to figure out what year & month i began to feel sick. i just can't do it. i can't remember ***** anymore. very scary.

anyway, my igenex results were:
- IgG: Postive (older infection)
- IgM: Equivocal (more recent infection)
- no co-infections

i can't remember when i first got sick so i can't tell if these results make sense for me or not.

everyone's body is different. everyone has a slightly different immune system. some folks catch a cold quickly, others can get sneezed on and never catch one.

your genetic make-up determines the basics of your immune system (white cells, T cells, etc) and lifestyle has a big effect on how well your body can resist & fight germs.

from vanderhoof's book (everything you want to know ..) i recall that the western blot measures the amount of antibodies in your blood. i imagine that if we all got tested every 3 months, we would get slightly different results depending on what medicines you've taken, how long ago the infection was, etc.

i'll be getting tested again in march. that's a year since the last test. interesting to see if its any different.

ciconner: have you had stricker panel blood test?

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