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Hi Schao

I am waiting with you too. Know how nerve wracking that can be.

Even when my test results came back my neuro said they are negative for lyme. I was positive for IgM but negative for IgG. Different Dr (non LLMD) interpert results differently. I had been reading up on Lyme was sure this was it and was hopeful it was, believe it or not, because what I had been dx with 6 yrs ago was progressive MS. Worse than lyme as no hope in getting better. Well I was depressed to say the least that it was negative (sounds strange doesn't it) I had seen a LLMD prior to ordering tests so she could tell me what to order. I left a message at the LLMD's office about results and didnt hear back. About 2 weeks later I got a copy of the results from the LLMD in the mail with a note scribbled on that results were consistent with lyme. When I went in she said the old way of interpreting results was to call it a negative if one was negative. Not correct way to interpret. She also ran a stricker panel (CD-57) and this was very very low which is also consistent with lyme. I also called Igenex and they reviewed my results with me and said this was definately a positive. I had 2 Dr and each said a different result looking at the same piece of paper!

I learned from this experience that don't reley on other Dr when it comes to Lyme. They don't know what they are talking about. Not even a neurologist who is supposed to know about lyme. Make an appointment with a LLMD now to go over your results and symptoms, as most have several weeks wait for an appointment.

Whatever your results I hope you see a LLMD soon and start treatment. Let us know when you hear.


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