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As some of you know from my other postings, I have problems with pins and needles numbness started out face and arm years ago. For the last few months been having periods where hands and feet go semi numb.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday first time since I had 2nd picc over 8 wks ago. Drove myself several miles up the road. On the way home, both hands went semi numb (not quite all the way numb) while I was driving. Today, thought I would eat breakfast with my sister first time in over 8 wks. Drove myself about 3 miles. Feet get this same feeling, in resturant hands do it and feet have stopped, several minutes later hands and feet both ok.

Decided when I left I needed to come home wasn't sure if I should try to make it to Wal Mart. Half way home, hand go numb again.

I was on flagyl 4 day pulse which ended Wed. I am really having to concentrate while I do this, lot of brain fog.

Is this common? Is this part of herx? I have found if I use my hands or feet for 5-10 min this happens. (face is numb too) I'm on my drug holiday off IV meds since Tues. I am going to detox in bath after I finsh this. Any thoughs?

Prayers to all, as I know we all have our problems. ...........Marsha

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