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As some of you know from my other postings, I have problems with pins and needles numbness started out face and arm years ago. For the last few months been having periods where hands and feet go semi numb.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday first time since I had 2nd picc over 8 wks ago. Drove myself several miles up the road. On the way home, both hands went semi numb (not quite all the way numb) while I was driving. Today, thought I would eat breakfast with my sister first time in over 8 wks. Drove myself about 3 miles. Feet get this same feeling, in resturant hands do it and feet have stopped, several minutes later hands and feet both ok.

Decided when I left I needed to come home wasn't sure if I should try to make it to Wal Mart. Half way home, hand go numb again.

I was on flagyl 4 day pulse which ended Wed. I am really having to concentrate while I do this, lot of brain fog.

Is this common? Is this part of herx? I have found if I use my hands or feet for 5-10 min this happens. (face is numb too) I'm on my drug holiday off IV meds since Tues. I am going to detox in bath after I finsh this. Any thoughs?

Prayers to all, as I know we all have our problems. ...........Marsha

I have noticed that if i use a limb, i will have cramps that evening and it can be severe.

My hand pins and kneedles often come if i have used elbow alot.

feet come if i use ankles alot.

I get leg pins as soon as i kneel down or sit awkward.

And arm limbs if i rest an arm awkward over a surface i get it.

so it seems pressure and usage is a big impact.

I have even had cramps getting cash out my purse, followed by pins..
also Stiring cooking ( what cooking hehe)

im not on meds and so its possible pins and kneedles may be part of lyme, so not caused by anything in particular, just those little slymie lymies being a pain as usuall.

Worried you had a problem coming home though, i know when im tierd i have big fog.
I saw a man in an over coat and a flat cap on a bicycle in the middlle lane of the motor way last month.
Its just not logical and the worse thing is i may of swerved if it was a flash view.
Foggy foggy, pea soup i call it.

Much love Julesxxx

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