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Hi Sherrie and Frango: :wave:

My symptoms started gradually with:
- Mild dizziness
- Infrequent spells of vertigo
- Oval, red rash; bumpy and VERY itchy
- Increasing brain fog; I feel drunk 24/7
- Oscillopsia
- Increasing numbness on my face
- Increasing difficulty speaking
- Increasing memory problems
- Increasing fatigue
- Knee pain (that went away on its own after 2 months)
- Hair loss
- Sticky blood (clumping platelets could not be counted)

I saw 9 doctors over the course of a year. I had every test under the sun and the results were always negative. I was told:
- There was not a darned thing with me
- I had MS
- I had CFS
- I had mono
- And my personal favorite ... a doctor told me I had dementia!

Of course there was something wrong with me! Every time I got another test result of "negative" I was both relieved and really mad.

My balance got so bad that I marched myself into a therapists office and begged her to help me. She ran some tests and concluded that she couldn't help me. I started to cry (how embarrassing :o ) and couldn't stop. She sat me down and asked me to start at the begining and tell her everything. When I finished, she said "You have Lyme disease." She referred me to a LLMD.

When I filled out the Lyme questionairre I was shocked at how many times I checked Yes. I think I checked Yes for 38 out of 40 questions.

My LLMD diagnosed my Lyme disease 2 ways:
- Circumstantial diagnosis by listening to my complaints/symptoms
- Stricker blood test results
- Finally a positive results from WB done by Igenex.

I've been treated for Lyme for a year. (Actually, 1/19/06 is my 1 year anniversary) I still don't feel better but I will not give up.

I went for serious balance testing at the University of Penn. I get my results in about a week. I'm hoping that the balance doctor will concur that my problems are caused by Lyme bacterial infection of my cranial nerves.

The reason I went for that testing after getting a positive test result for lyme is that some of my balance issues, especially the oscillopsia, are not typical Lyme symptoms. I want to rule out once and for all, that there is nothing wrong with me ears.

I still have all the neuro symptoms. Some days I am so bad that I am practically unresponsive and I lie here hoping to die. Other days I can manage to do the dishes and a trip to the grocery store.

I'm a single mom working from home full-time doing computer testing. I don't know how I managed to hold down a technical job with all the brain problems I have. I fake it well I guess.

After a days work, I am so exhausted that I plop my head down on the couch and stay there until the next morning.

I've tried a few antibiotics with no improvement. I started a new one, Doxycycline, 3 months ago. I take 600 mg per day. I am hoping this will be "the one" for me.

Gosh - I didn't mean for my reply to be so long! Thanks for reading. :)

Are you both seeing LLMD's?
What are your symptoms? How long have you had them?
Are you taking any medicine?

Peace and health to you,

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