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Twitches are a symptom of nerve involvement in lyme. Sometime when you are having pins and needles in your hand put your hand in hot water. When you take it out it will start twitching. The LLMD told me this. It did..... I am like you, I have had eye lid twitches, leg twitches, finger, and all over jerking or shakes.

The cough (I would always get after I ate) and it just didn't want to quit. A little clear your throat kind of cough that went on and on. I had to keep my cup close and sip trying to stop it. It stopped about 6 months ago when I had a serious bout with I think Babesia. High fever for days, shakes, sweats, flu, cough that lasted for wk and left my vocal chords damaged.

Just read that deficency in magnesium can cause twitches. I have been taking that for over a month.

Prayers. Marsha

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