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Being paronoid is something I am familiar with!! I was afraid to try anything because of side effects or problems. When I saw Dr. J and was tested for the different products, I felt 'safe'. It was ok.

These are good products. At one point I was taking the Pale Spike and Silphtrin 8x a day to get rid of the ammonia. These 2 products break the ammonia down so it can be safely passed out of the body. Gives the liver a 'rest' so to speak so it doesn't have to work so hard. As long as your body is fighting the Lyme bacteria your body will have the ammonia. So it is good to help it get rid of that toxic stuff!!

The Lyme bacteria is what causes the ammonia, whether it is alive or dying. But in killing it off it can create more amonia, hence a herx reaction which is what your Dr. is trying to prevent in you right now. I took the Pale Spike and silphtrin for 2 weeks before I added the Borregon and Microgen (what Dr. J uses in place of antibiodics to after Lyme, again no Herx reaction).

So you are SAFE on these products!!!! He has used them in very high doseages on occasion with no problem. So let your mind feel at ease.

I am also still on a sleeping pill (Lunesta). Hate taking it, but hate not sleeping either. So I chose to take the pill. Am still looking for ways to go off of it, hopefully soon. But sleep will help restore the craziness.

thinking of you,

hope this is clear, let me know if it is not!!

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