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Re: Brain ammonia
Jan 16, 2006
Hi Jules,

Most of this I posted before but here it is again:

Ammonia in the brain is caused by lyme spirochetes.

Dr. Jernigan stated that most doctors can do an ammonia test for the whole body as ammonia is present wherever the lyme spirochetes are, primarily the liver, heart, teeth, and cranium (head).

To perform a "direct resonance test" the doctor will need a vial of pure ammonia.

A muscle strength challenge should be performed to identify a strong muscle. Once a good strong muscle has been identified, hold the vial of ammonia over various areas of the brain, testing to see if the previously strong muscle goes weak when the ammonia is held over any area.

Due to the temporary neuromuscular interference caused by the ammonia in the vial with the ammonia present in the brain, the strong muscle will go weak.

The best effective treatment is adding Pale Spike Lobelia, Silphitrin and/or the NeuroAntitox Formulas.

Dr. J. also mentions Wobenzym-N as a strong enzyme supplement.

From what I have learned and experienced myself, the best products to get rid of this ammonia is Dr. Jernigan's Pale Spike Lobelia and the Silphitrin to break it down and get rid of the ammonia in the brain and liver.

I see a big difference, less brain fog, more energy, etc. Jeanne aka WOW is also taking these 2 products.

It is safe to take these 2 products with antibiotics, there is no drug interaction. I don't know of any "prescription drugs" to accompish this.

Hope that clears things up,

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