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Re: DOXY again
Jan 20, 2006
Hi Jules:

I am in the same boat as you. I suspected lyme based on how many of the symtpoms I had over the last 4-5 years although the acute stuff that was really bothering my were vision, balance related. My right foot hurt but I thought it was from wearing heels. 5 days after I started the doxy I started getting burning sensations in my legs, feet, butt and arms. The next night the tremors started in the middle of the night-uncontrollabe shaking of my legs. Shortly after that I started having horrible panic attacks that would last for 1-2 hours. I am 41 have no history of depression, panic or anxiety and am known as one of the most calm people my friends/family know. I never had any of these things going on until I started the antibiotics and I have been on antibiotics before in my lifetime and have not experienced this stuff then. The worst part of it for me is the panic I will take the pain over the panic anyday.

The Infectious disease guy who dismissed all my symptoms and told me that I don't have lyme told me on his way out "you don't have lyme if your blood test is negative -from quest I might add- but you can keep taking the doxycycline it won't hurt you although if you are having central nervous system symptoms it won't help them either" Thanks a ton!

I found a website by a llmd and some of the case histories sounded a lot like mine. Because of this I asked by family doc to switch me to Ceftin. The first week or so was okay then more panic, more aches now its feet, knees, neck, every bone in my body creaks when I go up stairs. etc. After one month of doxy and now one month of Ceftin I feel like I am hopefully, possibly starting to turn a corner.

Xanax has helped with the panic although I don't like taking stuff like that and it is highly addicting. I take .12 (half of a .25 mg pill) which is a rediculously low dose, but I am very sensitive to meds which I have also seen linked to lyme.

I know this is a lengthy reply, but I have found from all of you that sharing stories and hearing similar experiences has helped me immensly.

I think you have to feel worse before you get better, but I know that day will come for us all.

take care-


P.S. Since the panic has been so bothersome for me I was looking at the panic threads on this website and I have to give them credit. That bunch has a wicked sense of humor. They started a thread that goes on for pages and pages titled "you know you have panic when..." People put stuff like you know you have panic when your dog is staring at you and you are convinced that it has that animal sixth sense and can tell that something is about to happen to you. Ha ha ha. We should start a lyme thread like that HMMM I'll have to think of something...You know you have lyme when you go to a restaurant and order your meal with a side of epsom salts and some vitamin c sauce...

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