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Re: For Romans12:12
Jan 22, 2006
Hi Frango...sorry to hear that we are so similar. usually that's a good thing, but not when it comes to lyme. nothing happy about being in lots of pain in the same ways. i think that's curious about the strains of lymes maybe we have a similar version. that is a good possibility i guess considering where we live and all. anyway just wanted to tell you that back in spring last year and most of this summer my vision issues were much worse. like you said, it was hard to tell what is what and so forth. for me i had lots of double images, after images that lasted long long past when they should have dissapated and crazy floaters, spots and just generally felt like i was looking through the mesh of a screen door all the time or perhaps some staticy tv screen. not fun. just always felt like i was drunk or something....and imagining things here and there when they were'nt there at all. crazy. anyway i hope your eeg results come back ok. i know i was scared waiting for mine to come back. and was not happy with the sad report. but the up side of things is that after my iv rounds of treatment my vision issues were one thing that did improve more so than others. at current my vision is no where near as bad as it was, but no where near what it was pre-lyme. but i consider that a huge milesone to be somewhere in the middle ground concerning my vision. hopefully as your treatment progresss you will see improvement as well.

about the herxes...they are something else. i feel llike kind of a loner since most people seem to have patterns of a week or so of bad times ever month or so, but guess the only pattern for me is that i herx within 3 days of any antibiotics, sometimes sooner. it's rustating for me considering i do all i can to detox; baths, vitamins, supplements designed specifically to fight ammonia and other lyme toxins, and very light/short rounds of rebounding when i can handle it. and yet it doesn't seem to help much or else my body is just so overloaded that it is going to take more time than just these 10 months to unplug so to speak.

it has been a very slow road for the oral and iv antibiotics for me. it seems like i spen more days a month taking breaks from herxes than i do on actual meds. but the slow and steady wins the race right? right. anyway i have noticed that they are different for each drug in some subtle ways (like fevers, skin break outs/rashes, heart palpatations, less ability to concentrate/patience, less sleep -if that were even possible, and more/stronger stabbing pains or cold/burning sensations in my limbs, or an increase in tingly/numb/buzzing sensations throughout my bod) but they usually all carry the big changes; increased joint pain/swelling,....sometimes the pain is so bad in a certain joint(s) that i find myself feeling like my bones will break or snap in half (usually the joints that seem to herx the most are my wrists/fingers/ankles/toes/hips..soemtimes they ache swell so bad that i just have to dunk them in a vat of ice water on and off for hours to get anykind of relief, i'd rather they be numb so i can't feel them than have to deal with the pain as none of my pain meds ever seem to touch herx joint pain), the effected joints will turn red and mottled and hot as well causing yet some more pain - as if i didn't have enough, my feet/heels will become even sorer than usual limiting my walking and even abitlity to put any pressure on them at all even by sitting or laying down, plus increased sound/light sensitivity to the point where i where earplugs or sunglasses 24/7 just to be in my own quiet house with nothing going on, fatigue that feels like i am bleeding out my life with every breath, and severe headaches with nausea. usually when i feel a herx coming on i stop all antis and have to wait about 5-7 days to start feeling back to my normal craapy self and restart the meds. like i said it's a slow process. especially now on my ceftin, i am having a doozey of a time. right now i'm only able to take 1/4 of a 500mg tab every other day...only on day 3 of this trial so don't know if i'll handle it or not keeping my fingers crossed that i will.

sorry this is so long, probably more than you wanted to know about my herxes and stuff. but i can relate completely to not being able to do the stairs and not wearing shoes, i have been that way for almost the past year and it only gets worse in a herx. so if that is a new symptom for you since starting your antis i would guess that it's a form of herx for you. are you keeping a journal or a log of your symptoms? i have been keeping one for the past year and find it very helpful to see patterns or what's improving or getting worse. you might want to start one if you think it would help you out. i know it's kind of reassuring to me to look back on some of the dates back in august when i couldn't even get of bed b/c of the pain and fatigue and yet here i am in winter at least out of bed more than it most days. so if anything it at least reminds you were you've been and where you've gone. which can sure help on bad herx days. :) although the logging does make me wonder how many note books i will fill up before i am well again....i am now on note book number 2. sigh.

anyway i sure hope that you will get an answer to what is going on with you when you get your test results back. i know there is nothign worse than being sick and the doctors having no idea what is wrong with you, or the wrong idea of what is wrong with you. be sure to let us all know what you find out.

oh and about the doc in winona...i have that on my list of things to do tomorrow. i keep forgetting to talk to my parents about this, they will be really happy to know there is a possible llmd here in mn. don't know if i'd be able to stop seeing dr c yet but i sure would be willing to give her a try if my insurance would cover her. guess i'll find out soon. and again i do thank you for posting that info, it's much appreciated.

hope you have a less painful week on the ceftin. fingers crossed for both of us.


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