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6Blues....there's lots of people who pulse on the board, probably alot more successfully then i have so i will leave alot of the details to them as i don't have a lot of postives to tell you as i struggle with my meds on a daily basis whether it's orals or ivs. but i'll tell you with my case that it seems like every kind of oral i try whether it's doxy, zithro, flagyl, clindamycin, quinine, biaxin, hydroxychlorquine, or ceftin (current med) i have to pulse them. i almost always herx one day after taking any begginning rxed dose. there's never been any kind of every 3 or 4 weeks with me. it's just every day once it starts. so my doc dr c has me continue to lower the dose frequency and amount to a level where i can tolerate it w/o herxing. i have yet to find any of those levels with any of those meds. :( but i continue to try for a while and then call my llmd, tell him where i'm at, what i've tried, and when and how long i'm herxing for which is almost always 2-3 days after starting and for at least 5-8 days of pain after i take a break from the med and then he usually just switches me off to a new med to try. and the pattern repeats.

the one med i did somewhat successfully pulse with on was zithro. i would take only half the dose every other day without herxing. in the beginning i felt like i was feeling stronger and less in pain and confused. but after 3 or 4 weeks (longest run on a med without herxing!) i began to feel like i was back sliding. not herxing. but losing lots of ground fast. memory issues came back, vision clouded, fatigue gripped me harder, etc. so dr c agreed that we would switch to something else. and now that's where i am at now...trying to find a place to pulse my ceftin at a level where i don't hurt so bad i want to die after just 2 days of half a tab of my oral. sigh. i know this isn't to positive but this is my struggle with pulsing. i'm not even sure if any of this will help you out, but this is what i know.

oh and i did pulse on my iv meds with the rocephin i went 4 days on and then 3 days off. i felt horrible the whole time, but i felt less horrible by the time i restarted my iv on the end of that 3rd day, only to get worse again a day after restarting the iv. i can't say that i felt any improvemt at all and then when i did it was slight, that wasn't until after a few weeks later of coming off of my last round of another iv med, primaxin. come to think of it i pulsed that one too. i could only handle one dose in the AM instead of the rxed 2, and then i could only do it every other day. i felt horrible on that one the whole time as well, herxing left and right but somehow made it through. after both of those meds on 3 rounds i felt minimally better, some progress. but it was a haul to get there.

i sure hope that if you begin pulsing you will have less craziness and more success. as with most things with lymes everything is so different from one person to the next, so maybe pulsing will be highly benefical for you and easy to manage. good luck. :)


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