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jules, sweetie, ENGLISH!! please!!! sorry,,,,m
so I test positive in IGG for 39 and 41. and negative for IGM
'does this mean I have lyme or not??Z??sdie9oxtd3209$&%##%#*(#

update: here's what one web site says:

As stated previously, it cannot be emphasized enough that the diagnosis of Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis and that laboratory testing is to be utilized more for the confirmation of Lyme disease than for the diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Patients with early Lyme disease of less than a month, usually have not yet developed any serum antibodies and therefore will test negative. If the family physician believes clinically that this patient has Lyme disease then the physician should go ahead and treat it.

The untreated patient will usually test positive after four to six weeks of Lyme disease so a good history will often determine if a laboratory test is necessary. A positive ELISA test will automatically be confirmed with a western blot. If the IgM and IgG are both negative then the patient probably does not have Lyme disease and treatment, if any, is to be determined by clinical presentation.

If the IgM is positive but the IgG is negative then the patient has very early Lyme disease. If the IgM is negative but the IgG is positive, then the patient most likely had Lyme disease in the past but does not have it acutely.

Again, clinical correlation is necessary to determine if any treatment is necessary. If both the IgM and IgG are positive the patient most likely has Lyme disease and should be treated.

Most importantly, if the family physician truly believes that the patient has Lyme disease then the physician should treat that patient regardless of any laboratory findings.

Since the earlier the treatment the more successful the Lyme disease treatment is, family physicians should not hesitate to use the clinical skills taught to them in medical school and residency to initiate treatment with confidence. Family physicians do not need to rely on any particular laboratory test to make treatment decisions.
Im still learning also and this book is a great help.

Negative against the numbers ive pasted for IgG or IgM means negative.
positive against the numbers ive pasted for IgG or IgM means positive.

I cant tell you if you have Lyme or not but a plus against 39 and 41 in IgG May mean something howeve i dont know and have not read anything about a Plus reading?

But indeterminate may allow some docs to say yes or no,
As some docs say 23 and 25 IgG could mean infection so having and indeterminate may be significant.

Its a nightmare getting to understand these Igg and IgM.
Thats the most English way i can put it hun.

Jules x
im sure some one else will add more.

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