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HI Romans

Thank you for putting this up as i am often in sheer pain as the acid feels like it burning through my throat, up to the back of my tounge and i want to cry.

It has stopped me breathing in the passed and i thought i was going to choak.

I have read a little about something acid problem in Lymies, again its so natural to think oh wow thats bad indigestion.

Is this the acid problem that lymies have?

i decided now no more cookies, or rubbish, as i slipped this last week and teh pain is bad again!

Thank you for comfirming this.
Ps just found something called PH boosters anyone tried this it adds to water?
and it seems PH strips that register 0 to 14 are photographic use i wonder if these could be used, as clinical are 4.5 to 9 could we need a wider reading strip.

Heres a quick peak list
It reads...
"The general "rule of thumb" is to eat 20% acid foods and 80% alkaline foods Avoid the "strongly acid" foods."

Strongly Acid:meat, fish, soft drinks

Mild Acid: grains, legumes, nuts

Mild Alkaline: fruits, vegetables, berries, dairy

Strongly Alkaline: green leafy vegetables, brocoli, spinach

Jules xx

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