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Hi gang:

I have a dr. appt. coming up on Monday with an i.d. guy that I have never seen before. I had seen another i.d. guy who was really rude, dismissed all my symptoms and told me that I do not have lyme. He did, however agree to run an eia and western blot. These were both done through quest. I had never requested the results since he was so obnoxious, but today I thought what the heck, lets see what they were. Well, every single band 18, 23, 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66, & 93 were non-reactive I know Burrascano says you should at least see band 41.

Mind you this was quest. I am still waiting on my results from Igenex which probably won't be in until next week at the earliest. Did any of you ever see your results from other labs? If so did anyone ever have this occur?

If this is not lyme then I can not explain why I have almost every symptom and why I am having strong reactions to antibiotics.

Please help-

Hi frango. Please remember that no Lyme test is completely reliable and results can vary by lab. A knowledgeable doctor knows this and will not rely solely on test results to diagnose you. Testing should be used as an aid in diagnosis, not solely for diagnosis.

IgeneX tests are more sensitive and list more bands.

Often infectious disease doctors are not the best to see regarding Lyme. It is very important to see a knowledgeable doctor. Where are you located? Have you been tested for all the co-infections also? This is very important.
Hi ticker and pearlscale:

Ticker: I hear you on the i.d. guys. I was referred to to first one by my non-llmd family dr. That was a disaster. I am not holding my breath that this second i.d. guy is going to be lyme literate, but interestingly enough I got his name from one of the lyme disease organizations. In my opinion, i.d. dr's are more concerned about antibiotic resistance than in treating a disease that they see as a nuisance disease thats' not going to kill anyone. I would like to see how they would feel if they actually felt like all of us do.

I know Igenex has more positives and I actually researched why that is; there are a few reasons: igx detects early, middle, and late lyme due to the fact that they made their probes with 3 different strains of b.b. in doing so they detect all stages and virtually all different strains of b.b. Also, they use a 12.5% polyacrylamide gel to get better separation of the bands. So for those of you like me who wondered why go with igx there you have it.

As for me, I guess I will just have to wait and see and hope to find an llmd in my area that if it is negative can point me in the right direction towards a possible answer. I have way too many of the symptoms of lyme for this to be
MS or CFS or migraine or some of the other rediculous diagnosis that I have had.

Hi Frango:

I had 38 out of the 40 Lyme symptoms on my LLMD's checklist, so my initial diagnosis was circumstantial. I began treatment before getting proof.

However, I needed to hold a piece of paper in my hands with the words "Positive" on it. My blood was tested by labs via Western Blot and came back negative (not enough bands to be positive).

Only when I insisted that my LLMD send my blood to Igenex did I get my piece of paper that reads 'Positive". I felt better (mentally) having that evidence, even though it cost me a couple of hundred bucks.

We all do what we do for our own reasons. Good luck and let us know what Igenex reports.

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