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I tried but after several nights of NO sleep added ambiem back. Now taking both. Sleep is better. Still have a hard time getting to sleep. Glad things are working for you. I see the Dr Monday and I am going to ask about upping the amount of trazodone. They had told me I could up it to 1 tablet. I upped it to 1 1/2 without asking. Think it would have worked better if I could have taken more.

Today my hands and feet have been so bad. I want to rub them and make them stop. Its a cross between pins and needles and going numb. Has been in my fingers mostly until today, it moved to hands too. Also I broke out in the tiny measles rash on my arms and legs again this week. After the red goes away it turns brown and my skin is permanantly discolored.

Pray that I can make it tonight. My family gave Larry and me tickets for us to go as a family to the Ringling Brothers Circus. Tonight. I don't know how I am going to make it, but I have to. I have lost so much to this disease and I want to do this to show myself I can.

How are things going for you. New treatment plan. Are you herxing all the time.

Prayers for you my friend....Marsha

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