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Dear Shanna,

I was going to start a new thread about this but since you just talked about ceftin I will jump in here. I finish my rifampin on Sunday and I was afraid Dr. Crist would be closed tomorrow (he is) so I called today and the nurse and I were having a conversation and it must have been the one you and cj said is hard to understand. On top of that we were discussing the next regimen and my phone cut off because they are redoing water lines for the last month on our street and keep cutting the phone lines. No phone from 10:30 AM yesterday until 6:30 PM. :eek:

The nurse called back twice and finally the phone worked. I wonder what that will cost me. :rolleyes: Anyway she asked if the rifampin worked and did I feel better and I said "you're supposed to feel better!" :D She laughed. Then she looked at her list and said next is the IV. I wasn't so sure about that because since October all I've done is the C/Q & B/P combos and then the rifampin. Crap I'm still paying for the rocephin from last year with the ID doctor and figure it will take another 12 months. I talked to her about the elevated liver enzymes with the rocephin and told her I have an appointment on the 22nd so she said she would just order Ceftin and see how that works. I was really surprised she talked IV since I really don't feel we've done enough orals. What do you think? I think she was just reading down the treatment page and I think he kind of skips around when he's attacking co-infections but the IV was listed after rifampin.

I know you are probably the wrong one to ask about how it affects you because you seem to have problems with most meds but would like your input. If anybody else has done the ceftin please respond too. Would like to know about side effects and herxing and just what to expect in general. She didn't combine this with anything else either. Maybe when I go on the 22nd he'll add more. I know he would probably like to do more testing but I can't this time because we have to have a tree taken down out front ($1,000) and the timing belt in the car changed ($600). Maybe I can do more testing next time. I don't think he pressures. Thanks for any input.


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