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Re: Frustrated ...
Jan 27, 2006

I know how you feel waiting is frustrating. We don't want lyme(who would?) but it would feel better to get confirmation of what we have. I was so relieved to get the lyme dx as I had been dx with MS 6 years before. I have to tell you that my neurologist looked at the Igenex results and said negative. I was so depressed. ( I have since learned that a negative does not mean you do not have lyme). About 2 weeks later I got a copy of my results in the mail from the LLMD with a short note that siad this is consistent with lyme. I had been so depressed I wasn't going to even go back to the LLMD after all the neuro said negative. Just goes to show you 2 Dr looking at the same results interpret differently. I had negative IGG and positive IGM. non LLMD interpret this as a negative. Not so.

Let us know what you find out on Mon.


When I called Igenex, Dr Harris called me back 2 different times also. I have found them to be very helpful.

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