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Ashleah :wave:
My LLMD told me time would reveal whether my neuro problems were permanant or symptomatic. The lesions show up on the MRI and the abnormal blood flow show on the spect scan. But theres no way to be sure whether they will totally clear up or if any are damaged areas. These symptoms will also be some of the last to clear up.

I can understand your need to make wise financial decisions. This is a costly disease and is not cured over night.

I cannot help you on the natural treatments. I am going the way of antibotics. Denise can better advise you on your choices.

I am concerned with your chest pains. My heart was involved in the first year of the disease. I was hospitalized. I have two heart murmurs that I did not have before the lyme. I have infrequent spells of intense chest spasms. Keep a check on your blood pressure (I am on medication) and pulse rate. Racing and skipping. These chest pains need to be checked into by someone who is also lyme literate.

Prayers..... :angel: .....Marsha

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