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Before my LLMD started IV treatment I had been in halfway good shape. Not bad days, but not great. Some memory problems, getting words out, some numbness but I was probably on a 5 on scale 1- 10. Within a couple days of starting iV meds, I started downhill. Baby steps forward, giant steps backward. All the symptoms that has come from time to time, back all at once. Symptoms I never had , I now had.

I debated long and hard on whether to even have the treatment. But after 18 yrs so much damage was done and there was so much lyme and toxins to deal with. I tested positive for Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, & Mycoplasma.

Before I began treatment, I had slowed down. Thinking was not clear. pins and needles in face and lt arm. ear pain and head full. double vision. The 3 yrs prior to seeing LLMD I had drastically went down hill. But I was able to help in the water garden business we own. I was making mistakes. Sometimes couldn't think. We closed for the Winter earlier than normal.

The treatments have knocked me on my behind. And pretty well keeps me there. I use a motor buggy when I shop at Wolly World. I have a handicap car tag and I do not feel one bit bad about using it.

I hope you have a nice relaxing vacation. Come back and give us details.


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