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Rocephin did a number on my liver too. I will not go back on Rocephin. I do take milk thistle but I do need to up the amount. When I started on it, I had to guess at the amount to take. I take 175 two times a day. I will up it. Not sure how much.

I do not have my gall bladder, so that is not a problem.

I take a low dose of doxepin. I was put on this years ago with the hopes it would help me sleep. The trazodone works similar to doxepin. She told me to stop doxepin. To take 1/2 of the 50 trazodone. If I need to up it the next night, take the whole tablet. After I had read about it on here and on the net, I decided to give it a try. I have taken ambien for many years. We're hoping I can switch over with no problems. She was familiar with trazodone as a sleep aide. My insurance gives me a hard time on ambien. I know this is not as habit forming as ambien; but at the same time, my GP told me in his opinion you couldn't get hooked on sometime your body required. In this instance sleep.

I'll let you know if that shot helps. "For Ronnies sake"

I did order the artemisinin last night off the net. Jemsek gave me the info on the company they recommend. (98.5% pure) It is for the Babesia. The info sheet says it helps balance the GI tract and the detoxification reactions that may be experienced (herx I assume). You might want to mention this to Crist.

I'm like Mickie, and I don't want to speak to soon; but I think I feel a little better. The last several days have seen some improvement. I don't feel like I want to crawl in that hole, or under the covers. Shhhhhh. I am afraid if I say anything, it will change. After months of bad, how wonderful is just a little improvement. ..The bad, I start Flagyl next week.....

Thanks for the encouragement. The nausea is some better. Hope it will continue to improve since I am off the zithromax. I normally take a 10mg ambien. Because of insurance, I have had to cut the 10 in half to make sure I have enough to last the month. My sleep the last few nights has not been so good. Hope the trazodone works. I don't think they control it like ambien.

Take care, Prayers........Marsha

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