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LLMD Appt update
Jan 30, 2006
Hi :wave:
Just wanted to bring you up to date on my LLMD visit today.

Because of the extreme nausea they are taking me off zithromax and putting me on Ketek. We discussed the recent warning. They had already decided to continue using Ketek. CDC is not showing signs of pulling it off market. The warning is for possible liver problems. They drew blood for liver panel. If it comes back elevated, they will call me to stop Ketek.

We discussed Trazodone. I am going to try it. I think Shanna is the one who told me about this. I do have the RX.

Next week I go back on flagyl for 5-7 days. I dread it. It usually kicks my hiney.

I was told to expect to be on IV for about 2 1/2 month. Hopefully coming off sometime mid April. I will continue on RX pill.

At our last visit we discussed my non-existent sex drive. Well there is a reason. And it is lyme. Lyme affects the testestrone levels. Men should be around 200. Women should have testestrone levels of 50's. less than 20 doesn't reads less than 20. I was less than 20. Testestrone for women helps our libido, increases energy. It is given in a once a week shot. The side effect is irritability. I was practicing being irritable with Larry, :D so he would know what to explect. LOL

I am to order artemisinin and start taking it.

:angel: Marsha

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