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Hi Guys:

My willy wonka wrapper was indeterminate?

My results have been done since last week and at my Dr's office since early this week, but they have been giving me the runaround. His nurse yesterday told me they were "basically negative" but that I need to speak to someone at Igenex. I asked her to fax them to me and she said that they didn't have them anymore-they stuck them in the mail to me. It sounds like my Dr wants to wash is hands of me. Well, I requested that Igenex forward them to an I.D. who faxed them to me this morning. He is also calling them negative-[B]Jules and Sherri- you need to see your results first hand![/B] Here's what mine showed.

Babesia, Erlichia, and Bartonella-all negative

lyme IgM
23-25-outer surface protein-+

lyme IgG

This answers it for me. How can you be positive for certain lyme bands, indeterminate for others, have all the symptoms and have them say negative because you don't meet CDC criteria and then refuse to treat you for something that is supposed to be a [B]Clinical[/B] diagnosis?

It really is upsetting. Sorry I need to vent.

I don't have any question anymore as to what is causing my illness, now I just need to get treated.

Thank you for all of you who responded to my super lengthy story. I have not responded to thank you all for you kind words of support as these last couple of days dealing with this runaround has been very frustrating. You are all a lovely, sweet, wonderful bunch of people. I have looked at other lyme web sites and I have to say they are too intense, not for me. You all know who to laugh and vent and focus on getting better which I know we all will.

thoughts and prayers to you all :angel:


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