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Hi Jules,

Sorry you are feeling depressed, it could be the Doxy stirring up the bacteria.

I started on Paxil for my panic disorder way before I took the Doxy for 8 months. I am still on a low dose of Paxil and it helps me so much.

Everyone responds differently to antidepressants, before Paxil came out I was on Nopramin, but Paxil helped me much more. I see my psychiatrist once a month and I adore him because I feel like I am talking to a big brother.

I am allergic to so many medications and I have horrible memories of when I was put in a hospital for alcoholism and they fed me all types of pills that made me feel weird, freaked me out, like I was floating out of my body. I hated those feelings but in those days (30 years ago or so), that's what doctors did.

I don't know if what I told you helps, but that's my story.

Let us know what happens.

Thinking of you,

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