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To Mo_in_Wisc:

I am sorry that you were involved in the Bus crash. I know all the students loved the band teacher at your school. Also, I am glad that your son was okay after his accident. I hope everyone is doing better now. My husband has to go to C. F. for a meeting next month-he is an environmental consultant-something about a gravel pit and drinking water-but that's all I know.

Anyways, I know you mentioned Cognitive testing. The Dr whose name I gave you in Duluth is and I.D. guy, but I know he is a member of a Lyme advocacy group that I had mentioned on here before but the moderator took it out. I am really hoping he will be lyme literate, but like I said I hate to pass on names when I don't know for sure. There is a place near the U of M called Frazier School that is very good for ADHD and Autism. I am afraid that If this is lyme for me (although I have all the symptoms for lyme my test at Igenex was equivocal with 3 positives and 3 indeterminates and I know most LLMD's will consider an indeterminate positive) then I have had this since I was a child. My oldest son who is only 7 has really been struggling this year. He always had a fantastic memory, and that is gone. He is reversing numbers, having a hard time reading, suffers from chronic sinus infections, and chronic stomach aches, is having a hard time staying awake in class and a hard time concentrating. This is a child who qualified last year for the gifted program at school. He also had been prone to emotional tantrums and outbursts lately. Our pediatrician wants him evaluated at Frazier. I wanted him tested for Lyme but our ped wouldn't even entertain the idea. We made an appointment in January and their earliest opening was in May. You may want to contact them for more information. I know they are highly recommended.

Best of luck to you all


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