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Re: Yikes!
Feb 6, 2006
back from physical therapy!whew....they have me going HOURS every week but it's really helping so definitely worth it!
You're right Frango....People who've known me my whole life and watched me go through the worst are shocked I'm doing well now and cautious and looking out for me at the same time. I still don't really tell people much unless they ask and have a genuine reason or concern for asking. I have no idea why but it bothered me for quite awhile to talk about it. I'm still wondering though just what goes through people's heads. What I seemed even embarrassed of(who knows why but did...still do at times) others are just mesmerized by. I will watch their faces and see all from disbelief to amazement....inspiration .....I do believe things happen for a reason so know I've gone through it all for something. I figure if I can help one other person get through it then it's been worth it because it's some kindof h***.
uhmm...where was I?:) I ended up spending the next year and 1/2 going to doctor after doctor....after doctor! Each telling me I fit this that or the other. That just didn't seem possible to me and I knew I was thinking fuzzy even! I ended up at what's considered the top place to go in the state I live in. Ok...this one still get me! My mom has her masters in biology and had read something about Lyme Dz. I couldn't drive at this point and she was taking me to my appts...I was of course living with my parents again too. At this clinic she just insisted they test me for Lyme. Looking back I really wonder how it came back positive with the little Elisa test they do....probably on site pathetic! did come back positive! The doctor came in and I was sitting there in those ugly blue gowns we all love.....he stuck out his cold clammy hand while I sat there shivering and aching to death while it was spitting snow outside in the middle of Jan. He read the results...looked at me....left the room. (I can tell you now he ran to his computer to look up something because he knew NOTHING!)...He came back in and said that I'd tested positive for Lyme Dz but that was not possible. Why not you ask(too)? .....He said that in OUR state only dogs got Lyme Dz. How I had the wit I will never know but thank God I did! I looked at him and said...."Well..I must be in the wrong place then. I think I need to go find a good vet." ....I walked out of the room....still in the blue gown mother of course ran towards me with my coat when she saw me!!lol!! I told her to get me OUT of there!!!!! ...which thankfully she promptly did! Then began my family's search for a doctor who knew something about Lyme. This is also where I'm so grateful for my family I can't even tell you. My dad contacted the LDF and they gave him the names of the most well known at the time and he called them all. I ended up living not far from Columbia Univ where I'd gone initially for testing (real testing that is)....and Liegner was my doctor. More stuff showed up than I can list. So many bands on the WB was nuts....Let's see...uhmmm....2 types of Erlichiosis....Babesia.....and my brain had "homogenous oxygen loss" all over it and was swollen all over. The right side was worse. oh...and a cyst that had stalked off my pituitary gland as well. Maybe some of that explained my speech being so messed up. I sounded like a rambling drunk all the time and would go from one topic to another. Either that or just staring into space. I didn't know I was slurring my words and am really glad noone made me aware of it at the time. I couldn't remember an hour beforehand.....was always SO foggy and fuzzy....the pain all over was more than I could bear....the headaches?...I kept the blinds down 24/7 and wore really dark sunglasses when I went out. I wish I'd kept a journal of it now. I slept basically all day everyday....when I didn't I was crying from the pain. It was a nightmare. I had care all the time thankfully and was on iv abx. I had lots of seizures. Seemed the pic-lines would get infected easily and always cause more seizures so I finally got a central port. Was much easier that way.
I lived up there for about a year and 1/2..something like that...Time really doesn't matter to you when you feel so badly does it? Just not something you keep up with during that part of life. .....I was asked to be in the HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen) research being done at TX A&M and went down there. That was where I contracted the C.Diff. from another patient I wrote about in the first post and ended up back at home afterwards. Had the 10 day hospital stay and took awhile to get better from that. Your body gets SO down from it all!ACK!
....oops.....hate to leave again....sorry this is taking so long..i really am leaving out and trying to keep it short too! nephew has a basketball game tonite and I've got to get back tonite or tomorrow......

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