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Dear Jorgen,

I really feel for you having to not only fight the lyme but the doctors too. A common plight among us lymies.

Last year I was on the Rocephin IV (same as what you are on) for 9 weeks until my liver enzymes skyrocketed. I wish I had known about milk thistle at the time because we may not have had to stop it and I might be cured. But you can't live in the past and must plow forward.

I started to see all the "smaller" things disappear after a few weeks on it. No more twitching, heart palps stopped, my hair stopped falling out, I was sleeping better. I can't believe I call them little things but with my mobility problems they are. After stopping everything came back except the heart palps so maybe it accomplished one thing anyway.

We had a gal on here named Samaya who did the IV for 6 months and is totally cured. She hasn't visited here for a long time and I can't blame her because she is probably enjoying her life again. See if you can pull up her name and read her posts and maybe even print them for your doctors. This is the only thing I can suggest because I don't know of any papers that are out there although there may be and somebody on here can direct you to them.

Good luck with your doctors and I hope they will continue the meds until you are 100% better. We haven't heard from you for a while so please keep us informed. We like to keep track of this big family at least until they are healed.


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