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Re: Possible lyme
Feb 13, 2006
thanks frango! i am in peru, and not much information about it. so besides the 5000 you think i shoould get tested for each co-infection? or the western blot igm, igg and lyme pcr doesnt say about co-infecctions? this is all serum, let me know.. also how for co -infetions, just the antibodies? or pcr? too many tests and money and dont know how to start, thank you again!
Re: Possible lyme
Feb 14, 2006
I called IgeneX about these very questions and was told to start with:

IGG 86617 (code)
IGM 86617 (code) this would then be called 86617 x 2.

Once you have the results from these basic tests they will know what to go forward with. The cost for these 2 tests is $390. Do you need the name of a doc in the US to work with? If so, Dr. Enlander in NYC is wonderful!
Re: Possible lyme
Feb 14, 2006
Hi all,

Peregrine, Brid lives in Peru so I don't think she would have the same type of insurance as U.S. people. Brid, if I am wrong about this, please let me know.

Brid, there are so many codes for all the IgeneX tests and it gets complicated or complex.

Basically, the "Initial" or "First" test done by IgeneX includes this:

IgM and IgG Western Blot and PCRs.

The Western Blots are used to determine if the patient is making antibodies.

Since some patients do not make antibodies, the Lyme Serum PCR for DNA
(#453) "OR" the Lyme Whole Blood PCR for DNA (#456) is included in the initial panel.

Thus, the Initial Lyme Panel includes both Western Blots and your "choice" of PCR:

Panel 5000: PCR using serum

Panel 5010: PCR using whole blood

All the tests for co-infections cost extra money.

Brid, I would wait and see what results come back, I think it takes about 30 days or so for the results, perhaps longer since you live in Peru.

You can always order more tests later on.

I hope that clears everything up.

Re: Possible lyme
Feb 19, 2006
hi agent band!! sorry to hear that, but that happens!! all doctors i have seen trat me like a crazy!!than everything is in my mind... so frustrating!!!! i sent my blood to igenex last week, i spoke to doctor harris and he advice the ebst test to star was the 5010, is a pannel for the western blot, and the cpr i gues with some igm and igg..thats the starting test, since they say a lot of times can read negative and you still have it, i ask for the co infections tests too, that way is the first one is negative and co infections is positve, i know i defenitely have it! the one for co infections is the pannel 5050 i guess..but for the beggining is the 5010, good luck!

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