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Yes...I've had dry eyes, itching and redness for as long as I can remember. I started using Vasacon-A when I was around 12y/o when it was still a prescription. Have used eye drops every day of my life I think to stop the itching and irritated feeling. Allergies make it worse and at times I just want to claw them out! Hate that feeling!!!! I also had always had better than 20/20 vision but evidently my optic nerve was damaged and I very suddenly had to have bifocals in my 30s. I also lost my vision for 11 months once.(That was in 2002) People always ask...."completely??" let me tell you the way I describe it. It was as if I were looking through a very dark black t-shirt and you know how in the summer the gasoline on the pavement makes things all blurry and hazy? That was going on at the same time....kinda like no equilibrium or something. Everything was just in dark outlines and floating all over. I spent most of the time in bed and always had a family member with me of course to help me around but even then I would think I was standing up straight but would be leaning and grabbing walls or whatever I could. Was very frustrating. After about 6 months I remember having a few hours here and there that it would be better and slowly after that it got better and at 11 months went away and knock on wood hasn't come back.
..oh yeah....those floaters too! I honestly thought my whole life that everyone had those. Gave me something to do in class when I got bored trying to "follow" one around. (???i know!:)...) I'm so used to it now I don't think about it but do think they're better ...that or I'm just used to it and don't notice???
as for the dryness and itching though yes, that's always been such a problem. My right eye is constantly tearing and the left one feeling like something in it. Think I'm just pretty used to that as well though. I actually had an appt today to get contacts. Well....have been trying one kind for the past week and went back today and the doc changed them to another kind. I had wanted the ones I could wear for a month w/o taking them out but I couldn't stand wearing them through one single nite my eyes were so dry and itchy feeling the next matter how many drops I put in them!!! ....Not sure if this is related or not but she(eye doc) asked if the left one had been bothering me and I immediately said YES!! The right had seemed pretty good but the left always irritating. She said my eye looked red and irritated and she noticed on the contact that there were lots of "deposits"(proteins I'm assuming?) on the left but not really on the right.
...hope that helped....
...will continue with the novel tomorrow....overdid the feet tonite and past time for that ice!!

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