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Re: To Pearlscale
Feb 10, 2006
Yes, I went and enjoyed it as much as my miserable body would let me. Felt like roadkill. Had to take many stops getting to my seat, but did enjoy it. Some of it felt like I was watching the olympics. LOL.... No lions, tigers or bears though. My grandkids were wanting those to be there. Thanks for asking. How you doing lately. Improvement in brain???

First symptoms were horrible headaches, neck pain with so much spasms. Flu like symptoms. Broke out in measle like rash about a week later. Severe fatigue that has actually gotten worse over time. Within a few weeks was put in hospital with heart problems and spongy joints (drs words) I was treated 10 days and pronounced cured. I believed it. Didn't know any better. My lyme titer did come back positive.

Over the years I have been told Fibromyalgia, cervical problems that required surgery twice and then lesions on brain possibly MG, Strokes, with last probably MS. I have alot of neurological problems. pins and needles numbness in face, arm, hands, feet, nausea, major fatigue, memory problems, concentration problems. There are so many symptoms that can go with lyme. Usually everyone doesn't have all of them, but I had most of them.

I went to a lyme literate medical dr (LLMD) at a friends suggestion this past summer and found I had neuro lyme, babesia, mycoplasma, and bartonella. The babesia can cause night sweats, and the symptoms are pretty much like lyme. I never knew about the co-infections until I saw the LLMD.

There is alot of info on this lyme board. look around and go in and read what the others are saying. If you have more questions, please let me know. If I see you post anywhere, Ill check it out. You are in my prayers. Hang in there.


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