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Good evening friends.

My LLMD switched me from Doxy to injections of Bicillin. I take one shot every Mon, Wed and Fri. Each shot is a thick white gooey liquid with 1200 mg of bacteria killing power.

I can eat magnesium, iron and dairy any time I want and I can take my probiotics any ol' time; that'll make my life easier.

I had my first one today, in the left lower back / upper butt. Ouch - I am so sore in that spot!

Anything I can do for relief?
I have been on Biccilian LA shots for 14 months to keep me from getting worse. I take a shot once a week, it is not getting me better but I am not getting worse. It hurts for a couple of days then goes away, it is better than taking orals and stomach problems. I have not taken it 3 times a week, you must be sore, please let me know if it starts working. I have to pay for it out of pocket $400 for a 10 pack, have you found a better price?
Good Luck,
good luck with the shots mickie....ant even imagine how sore you will probably be gtting a hsot 3 times a week. yikes!!! wish i had an answer for helping with the soreness and pain but hopefully the shots will be worht the pain as they begin to help you and let continue to do more and more of the old you things! let us know how you feel in the next weeks. sorry to hear about your struggles. just wanted to say welcome to the boards, don't htink i've seen any posts from you before. always glad to see neew people here, but sad to hear the stories. this is a great place for info and getting each other through the rough welcome. :)

Hi Steve. :wave: Thanks for responding.

My prescription also says Bicillin LA 1200. Sorry to hear it hasn't helped you. Are you seeing an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor)? Have you been tested for co-infections? Are you taking any supplements?

I have to say again what a relief it is to not have to worry about taking the abx pills. I feel more free. I can eat what I want, when I want. I can take my vitamins anytime and my probiotics anytime. Its a lot less on my mind.

The soreness is not as bad today.

I can rotate between cheeks and the top front of my thighs. So I'll be stabbing the same spot once every 7 days. Doesn't sound too bad.

(sniff sniff) I miss my Doxy.

Peace and health to all,

Glad to hear it is going well with the shots. I read on another board that someone who was getting shots said it was just as, if not more effective than IV. Don't know if that's true and they didn't explain why, but that would be great. Something I might look into as I'm not really getting better with orals and afraid to go back to IV after the infection scare when I was hospitalized for several days.

Just wondering if insurance is covering these shots and if not are they expensive?

I'll take the sore butt (or anything else sore for that matter) if it meant getting rid of the lyme.

Hi Mickie:

Let us know how you're feeling. It is nice not to have to worry about when to eat dairy and take supplements. That is one of the thing I like about Ceftin over the doxy. Please let us know how you are doing.

Glad the shots are up and going. I know they will work. We will all wait for results. It would be nice to get rid of this IV. I'd take the shots.

Welcome, sorry you have this horrible disease. Glad the shots are at least keeping it from getting worse.

Hi lyme94,

A few years ago I got my Bicillin from Kmart for $159. This was the price without insurance.
With insurance paying 50%, I paid $200 for 10 syringes at CVS.

I know this will work for you!

Does your ins normally pay 50% of rx or do you usually have a co-pay for rx? The 10 syringes will last for 3 weeks?

Best of luck and keep us posted, we're praying for you.

My insurance pays 50% of all prescriptions without a co-pay. They do not cover doctor visits and some tests.

On Saturday I injected my left leg. It hurts like heck and its swollen. Its not red or anything, just painful.

I did notice that I am feeling worse. The Doxy was working for me but I had to stop it because my liver enzymes went up. I got them back down again but Dr. E wants me to give this Bicillin a chance before starting Doxy again.

I'll keep folks posted if I notice anything good or bad.

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