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Hi all,

Well, the shoveling is finally done! I had to rest against my car because my heart was pounding, even shoveled up Ice! Ewwww!

Mickie, hunks in my neighborhood? LOL! Everyone in my neighborhood is married with small children, I am the only single person living in my neighborhood. Funny, right after I bought my house I got married to my 2nd husband (my legal mind was at work so in case it didn't work out, he couldn't touch my house). Well, it didn't work out, so at least I was smart about that.

But the strange thing is when I was married living in my house, my neighbors were super friendly to me, but when he moved out, everything changed. I guess I didn't fit in anymore. What a farce!! Maybe I should plant some infected ticks in their homes :D

Mickie, when you find your tooth, look for more teeth for me! :rolleyes:

I had an electric snowblower that I bought for my Dad about 15 years ago, then I inherited it back, and this is the 1st year it broke! Oh well, nothing like good exercise!

Jules, ha! finding a coat underneath that snow. :jester:

Well, time to relax and do some knitting!

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