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Hi Brid,

You are very welcome, I only wish I could help more. Lyme does exist in South America, the problem is that doctors do not know about it, so they give a different diagnosis because they do not understand Lyme.

Most members here including myself will tell you that doctors have told us that it was "all in our minds" but we knew better.

Let me explain something to you: The main source of the lyme bacterias start with the "white-footed mouse" and those mice are everywhere!

Then ticks, mosquito's, flies, fleas, (even birds) feed on these mice (mouse) and get infected with the lyme bacterias which then infect humans.

I have had Lyme for 10 years now, and it was only during this past year that I am finally getting better after using Dr. David Jernigan's medicines.

I didn't have the rapid heart beats, I believe that is a symptom of Babesiosis. I did have a rash after I was infected, it did not look like a fried egg, it was large and itchy, I had to keep scratching it. It turned all different colors, it was very strange. I didn't have any more rashes after that.

My legs hurt me alot (for a long time I could not walk) but that is all better now.

I think the worse damage I had was to my brain causing what we call "brain fog" or confusion in thinking. That is also getting better.

I think you will have good results calling IgeneX tomorrow as I would not trust a lab in South America since they don't think Lyme exists there.

Perhaps your Dad's friend can sign the IgeneX papers for you to get tested. That is really important.

As far as a doctor in Florida, I can't think of one right now. I do know that a Lyme Clinic was supposed to open in Florida with a very reputable doctor. I will have to research that and give you the name of this doctor who is very well known.

Which country in South America are you from?

I hope you are not suffering that much and I am happy that you find this site,

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