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Dear Shanna,

I am so glad you got back safe and sound and already had something normal happen to talk about (Valentine's Day Dinner). I wish I had known when your appointment would be because we aren't too far apart as time goes and maybe we could have met each other finally.

As far as the meds go the rifampin didn't seem to be a problem and the twitching had really dwindled and the floaters are gone. Good news. The cefuroxime I started on Tuesday is another story. To say I feel like roadkill would be too good. Maybe leftover roadkill would fit the bill more. I am on 500 mg 2x a day and have never hurt this bad before. And this is just the third day. :eek: In fact to be honest with you I had so little pain before being treated that it wasn't ever a problem.

I have gone back to the twitching (most of the night so that kills the sleep) and every muscle in my body aches. And I mean aches. My left shoulder is killing me and I don't even want to turn my head. It's funny how the right side (which was not affected pre steroids) had become the weaker side after steroids although for years everything had been left sided. But even though everything hurts now it has gone back to the left side hurting the most. The right leg is still the weakest but the pain is more left sided. I can remember the acupuncture doctor a few years ago telling me that most women when they have a problem are affected on the left side and men on the right. I always thought this was interesting.

I had gotten up to 10,000 mg Vit C too and am wondering if that is pulling the toxins thru me quicker than my body can handle it. :confused: The nurse did say the Vit C is a detox agent. I am thinking about calling the chiro I went to a few years ago because I was cleaning out my pill cabinet :rolleyes: and came across some sublingual pills she had given me that were Vit B12 and were supposed to be 16,666% of daily requirement. I think B12 helps the nervous sytem so maybe this would help the twitching. Then I could go back to sleeping which by the way was getting better with absolutely nothing before the cefuroxime. I will ask D. C too.

I guess that feeling the way I do means something is happening that the bacteria isn't happy about and will just suffer through until I see Dr. C. I know Frango said she felt better on the ceftin and wonder if she experienced this in the beginning. I have heard you all talk about the pain but couldn't relate until now and wonder how long it will last because this was not listed as a side effect so must be lyme related. I know Marsha and you are 2 of the worst as far as pain goes and advil doesn't seem to cut it. Onward and upward I guess.

Hope things keep improving. By the way like you said $10 isn't much but every little bit helps. We just changed plans with the phone and it saves $15 which is what Ronie's medicare drug plan will cost so it will seem like Verizon is paying for his drugs. :D Of course he doesn't take any now but someday might need to. You have to plan.

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