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Super crappy stuff
Feb 13, 2006
Sometimes I wonder if I have an invisible crap-magnet embedded in my body somewhere.

- On my way to LLMD appt. I got ticket for no registration and no proof of insurance. I eventually get down to Motor Vehicle office to update registration. I have insurance, I just forgot to put the card in my truck. well, I completely forgot that I had a court date to show my registration and insurance card. That date came and went and I was oblivous. Now I get a letter saying that I am in contempt of court and a warrant has been issued for my arrest. In order to a new court date and get rid of the warrant, I have to pay $500!! I know ... I know ... I should've paid closer attention but I forget stuff so easily and I'm pissed that I have to fork out that much money!

- Late Saturday night, my son and I were so excited to see the snow that we ran around outside. A cap fell off my tooth and landed out there somewhere. A white tooth on white snow. I'll never find it!

- The roads here are fine but some bonehead decided to close schools so I am working from home with my kids acting like horrid little beasties. My son threw a tantrum because half of his snowman fell apart and my daughter threw a tantrum because I told her to not make her girlie, teenage screech laugh near where I am working!

- Today was the day for my Bicillin shot, so I'm sitting here with my pants down ready to stab myself in the leg and my daughters friends come strolling through the door. I like these kids but they don't knock, they just walk right in.

Someday I'll be plopped in a hot tub in Cozume'l, sipping a tropical drink, and I will laugh my *ss off thinking back and remembering this stuff ... but right now I am pissed.

Just needed to tell someone about my really bad day.

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