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Hi zzz16:

I also did my tests while I was on antibiotics. My IgM was indeterminate with 3 positives and 3 indeterminates. My IgG was negative with one positive. I am now waiting for my results on urine PCR and I was still on the antibiotics which you are supposed to be for PCR since I believe what that detects are DNA from sprochetes in your urine and they find more "dead" spirochetes in the urine. The "live" ones are quite happy living in and messing with you body tissues! I did test for co-infections which were negative but my symtpoms really sound like either bartonella, babesia or both. I know both of these can have a high false negative rate. I am having a lumbar puncture tomorrow and am also going to do the CSF tests which maybe normally wouldn't be necessary since lyme is supposed to be a clinical diagnosis. I am doing this to rule out stuff like MS that is still hanging out there and also because I am dealing with a work disability with no firm diagnosis issue. Also, I just want to know why I am sick. Hope that helps. Oh-the urine tests are 255 for PCR and something else. The Cerebral Spinal Fluid tests are more plus it is an invasive procedure that I would not be doing if my neurologist didn't want to rule out some of the other stuff. Hope that helps.


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