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Hi Sherlock,

Good to hear from you! Still have snow, but most of it has melted away.

Sounds like you have a big project that you are putting together, wow! Do you have Microsoft Word on your computer? Then you can cut and paste into "word" and put it all together.

Glad you head is feeling okay, I did a little research on "lobelia" and found all sorts of interesting stuff. Yes, there are many "species" of the Lobelia including Pale Spike (what pretty flowers!).

If you want all the names of the different types of lobelia, I can give them to you.

I think the bottom line is how the Lobelia is processed and I trust Dr. J that he processes it in a very beneficial yet safe method. Jeanne was taking Pale Spike in extremely large doses and it helped her so much!

Anyway, give it a rest as you can always go back to it when you tum tum has settled down.

I have not tried his toothpaste yet. Really good stuff, huh? I brush my "real" teeth about 4 times a day. :D


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