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I can't of course diagnose you but can only tell you what happened to me. I originally got it around 1976 and had symptoms for years ranging from rashes popping up all the time, foggy head at times, lots of severe frontal lobe headaches(would always say it felt like someone had beaten a sledgehammer against my forehead), seizures and narcoleptic episodes (somehow that got blamed on my always having had low blood pressure??), achiness.....was diagnosed with mono several times...once lasted for around a year and 1/2 severely...and also walking pneumonia( tests taken for that either....just what doctor said), lots of just "weird" feelings with my skin and inside.....(I'm not at all what you'd call a high-strung person or "nervous" person...quite the opposite.....but it would hit me and I would just feel nervous and anxious or my clothes feel itchy and feel as if things were crawling all over me...I didn't think of it so much like that at the time but would just feel strange and weird and my response would be to escape somehow. For instance I remember feeling that way several times when I would be in Sunday School at church....I would just say I felt bad and make a dash for the car then sit and wait on my family to get there)...anyway, lots of other things but I didn't really think much about it at the time and life seemed very normal to me. Normal is a very relevant term of course.:) I got another rash in 1993....REALLY bad one and found a tick in it 2 weeks later and think at that time I got other strains and co-infections as well which really kicked it off. ....anyway....just what happened to me. Good luck with everything. Let me...or anyone else here..know if we can be of help.

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