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thanks all for the support and advice. much appreciated. i am so confused by this rection and am feeling pretty crestfallen by it. i think this is definitely from the pale spike, as my herx from that antbx was fading somewhat before i started it. and now my hands and pretty much all joints are sooo red and swollen, more so than i've ever seen with my normal herxes. and even my heart probs got worse for a few days on the pale spike, but they are fading now, so maybe the joint stuff will fade to in a few days. for now i will keep on trying it and see what will come of it. like it was said, the pale spike won't harm me. but i am definitely going to be taking it super easy for the next week or so to recover, i'm sure like you all pointed out that that plays a part in this as well. i'll probably take a few days away from the board as my mind has been super foggy and the pain is pretty bad, but maybe i'll have some good news in a week to share. but just wanted to pop in and say thanks again you guys.

Maureen: i had no idea you felt sick on the neuro anti tox and such. sorry for that. i will hope that when you can go back on it that you will feel bettter not worse. and good luck on your trek to see dr c, i will be praying that you make it safe and sound and get some good news and a new direction to head in. let us know how it goes when you get back.

jeanne: thanks so much for the words of wisdom. i didn't think that i could go higher than 30 drops 3 times a day. i think i will try upping the dose to 4 or 5 times a day for a few days and see if i see a improvement or at least a lessening in how added crappy i feel now even being not on antbx. i am taking the liquid anti neuro tox basic formula plus the pale spike as well. and i have been taking milk thistle so hopefully this isn't all b/c of my liver, that's a scary thought. i will mention that to dr c in a few weeks when i seehim, and maybve have it testsed to see whats what. thanks for putting that thought out there.

will post later all. take care and you are all in my prayers as well.


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