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Ketek Update
Feb 21, 2006

Well I'm on month two of Ketek. I really believe this is an effective medicine, I've definitely been herxing. Mostly neuro stuff. That and back to being in bed almost 24-7. About the weirdest thing is symptoms I hadn't had in years flaring up again. And being hypersensitive to everything, it all seems too bright, too loud, too everything.

Of course that means I've been feeling like crap lately, but I don't mind really as long as the blasted spirochetes are being slaughtered in droves.

The only thing I can't figure out is that the Babesiosis seems to be flaring up too. I am not sure if you "herx" from Babs or not or if that is something exclusive to Lyme and Syphilus ('keets). I'm on Mepron and Artemesinin as well so I wonder if it's all just got them in an uproar. ;) :angel:
Re: Ketek Update
Feb 25, 2006
Dear Tinuviel,

Well I hated to read that you aren't feeling up to par. I know how much progress you have been making. I guess the doctors just fight one battle at a time and who knows what they will unleash when a new med starts. :rolleyes:

I have not had the heart palps for 1 1/2 years but after the rifampin I just took for a month they are back ever so slightly. They must have woken up a sleeping giant I thought was gone.

I will say that the pharmacist at the ID doctor's office last year told me that the recurrence of long gone symptoms is a good sign. She wasn't overly lyme literate but felt this was a great sign. I asked her if this meant the lyme was "backing" out of me and she said no just that it was the bringing things to the forefront that had lain dormant. Sounds reasonable.

I have wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with your progress lately. For a very long time you were like the rest of us with all the aches and pains and problems that lyme seems to exhibit. But seriously if you look at your last few posts you have been so clear and articulate to any newbies who have come on here and extremely positive. I really think this marks a turning point for you. I think if you went back and compared your threads now to the ones 6 months ago you would agree. Keep up the good work.


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