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Hi Sherrie:

I know it is hard to not feel well and not really know why. I am basically in the same boat as you. I have two Dr's who based on my Igenex results are willing to entertain that what I have is lyme and have seen two I.D. guys who were not lyme literate who basically said that unless you test positive by Quest or labcorp etc., then you don't have lyme. I don't believe them. Medicine is not a black and white science. Vascular calcifications are basically buildup of calcium deposits in your arteries. This is very common and happens in many people as early as their 20's. Have you had your cholesterol checked? Do you have a family history of heart disease? Don't be afraid to ask your Dr. if you are concerned. It is your health and you are intitled to have your questions answered. As far as the rash that you had biopsied, you mentioned lyme as a possible cause-another thing that points you in the direction of lyme. If your Dr. is not addressing it, get a second opinion maybe from a specialist in that area.

Believe me there are days when I am afraid that I could die from whatever is wrong with me. My heart has been pounding and doing all those skipped beat things again. I have been getting the feeling that I am going to pass out again, which I hadn't had in a long time. I want to feel well and I want my life back and I know that I am the only one who is going to accomplish that for myself. I don't care how crazy these Dr's may think I am, although all of them have assured me that they don't think I am crazy- I feel like a pain when I keep coming back with more questions and for more tests. Part of it for you may be that your aunt is a physician, which allows you to see the human side of the profession and makes you more sensitive to being perceived as the "hypochondriac patient". I can relate to this as well. My Dad was a Dr. He passed away very unexpectedly almost 8 years ago and I have missed him even more than ever since I have been going through this illness because I know he would have known how to help me. Interestingly, he suspected that I had lyme back when I was a teenager and people where first talking about lyme due to the rashes and fevers that I had as a child. I was tested then and it was negative so I never gave it another thought until now. I owe it to myself to get better and I will get better and I know you will too. I can feel it in my bones that what is causing my illness is some sort of infection and if you feel the same way then keep going until you get your answers. We are all in this with you. :angel:


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