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hi jules!! hope you are feeling better! yes is so upseting to hear is in your mind! and because of that my family also beleive is in my mind, but i had this talk my my dad, showed him my skin, my test, talk about it about how long i have complaining about all those symtoms and printing him 14 pages about lyme, that at least he ius kind of beleiving me, not convince hard when you are so alone, not only doctors tell you is in your mind, also family, friends and ex boyfriend!! specially since here nobady have heard about lyme...but i will still fight it, even alone, because i know its just sad to see to many ignorant peolple around...even my dad rading all those pages thinks is not a big deal..i tryed to explain to him is a condition like having to live with diabetis,or a cronic disease that if you dont take care can be fatal.. let see how it goes tomorrow with this russian doctor a microbiologist recomend me, at least she must know since she has lyme herself..take care!!

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